Edmonds Acres

Farmer Troy and his sister Mary Edmonds are proud to offer the best variety of vegetables, fruit, and mushrooms in McHenry County.

Our Vegetables & Fruit

“No GMOs here!”

The seeds selected for planting on the farm are non-GMO seeds. We select as many heirloom varieties as we possible can. We do everything possible to grow our vegetables and fruit in as natural an environment as we can. Most of our vegetables are hand planted, one-by-one.

Our Mushrooms

We’re very proud to be able to offer our morel mushrooms for sale at the market, when in season. We worked directly with the State of Illinois and the McHenry County Health Department to be able to do so. We have certified all staff at a Morel Identification Course at Iowa State University. Mary has additional mycology certifications and was honored to be a judge at the 2014 Midwest Morel Fest in Ottawa, IL.

We are also approved to propagate mushrooms. These include oyster and shitake mushrooms.

2012 Interview with Mary Edmonds – Mushroom Talk