Veggies, Fruit, Flowers & Mushrooms
Our Produce
Farmer Troy's Veggies Are the Best
We grow a wide variety of vegetables and fruit throughout the season. We cold store our produce during the Winter to allow for year round availability.
Our Mushrooms
No Meal Is Complete Without Mushrooms
We grow Oyster mushrooms and offer Morels, Hen of the Woods, and more.
Our Flowers
Award Winning Flowers Grown in Marengo, Illinois
Our sunflowers and other flowers are locally grown on the multi-locations that make up Edmonds Acres.
Other Products
But Wait... There's More!
We sell a variety of other seasonal products from popping corn and chopped wood to maple syrup and honey.
Woodstock Farmers Market
Support Local Farmers and Producers
We're proud to offer our products at the Woodstock Farmers Market on Tuesdays from May through October.
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What We're Up To At The Farm

Veggies, Fruit, Flowers & Mushrooms - Farmer Troy and Alex are keeping very busy at the farm.

Woodstock Farmers Market

Troy and Alex are working with a crew of helpers to bring the freshest produce, mushrooms, and flowers to the market each Tuesday from 8am - 1pm.

Market Dogs

We send Heidi down to the Woodstock Farmers Market every Saturday to represent us by taking all of the Market Dogs pictures we post on our Facebook page.

Miscellaneous Products

Alex is now raising bees. Beekeeping has allowed us to add fresh honey to our tables.We also have seasonal flowers, cut wood, and lots more.

Farm Tours

Give Farmer Troy a call and schedule a farm tour to learn more about farming, growing mushrooms, and to see how beautiful a field of sunflowers truly looks up close.

Saturday Barn Visits

We invite all of our friends to come out and visit us in the Marengo barn each Saturday, year round. You never know what we'll be up to and what we'll have in the cooler.

Philanthropic Endeavors

Mary is involved with many organizations and charities. One of her favorites is the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens.

Popping Corn

We're proud to grow popping corn in our fields. Grab some ears, toss one in a brown bag and microwave.Yummy!

Our Mushrooms

We have been certified to grow and sell our morel, hen of the woods, and oyster mushrooms. Mary also has a mycology certification for identifying wild mushrooms.

Our Galleries

Pics of Our Produce & the Market Dogs

Edmonds Acres

The Edmonds Family is proud to offer the best variety of vegetables, fruit, and mushrooms in McHenry County. We offer award-winning flowers, as well. We’ve been bringing our products to the Woodstock Farmers Market for many years now and are happy to share time with our friends on Saturday mornings in the Marengo Barn.

No GMOs Here!

The seeds selected for planting on the farm are non-GMO seeds. We select as many heirloom varieties as we possibly can. We do everything possible to grow our vegetables and fruit in as natural an environment as we can. Most of our vegetables are hand planted, one by one.

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Support Your Local Farmer
Farm to Table
Farmer Troy and his son, Alex work hard in their farm fields and greenhouses in Marengo to bring you the best, fresh produce, year round. Troy's sister, Mary grows our beautiful flowers.
  • Produce


    Take a look at all of the fruit and veggies that we offer.

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  • Mushrooms


    We offer Oyster, Morel, and Hen of the Woods Mushrooms

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  • Flowers


    We offer a variety of fresh cut flowers throughout the season.

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  • Popcorn

    Other Products

    We offer honey, popping corn, chopped wood, and more.

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We'd Love To Hear From You!

If you submit a request via our web forms, we will get back to you... but it'll take some time. Farmer Troy is a bit old-school and prefers a good old fashioned phone call. Call (815) 245-1990. You can always stop by the stand at the market or come by the farm on Saturday mornings, as well at 1002 N State St in Marengo, Illinois.