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Who's Hiding in the Sunflowers?

About Us

The Farmers
Farmer Troy Edmonds is the leader of the Edmonds Acres Team. He started the business and grew it to the operation it is today. He’s had a great partner working with him over the years taking care of the business side of things. His sister, Mary handles a majority of the financial side of the farm.

The Team
Troy’s son, Alex joined the team last year and has brought a wealth of ideas and developed several new product offerings for the farm. Mary’s daughter, Theckla ran the dog treat business for the farm but is on hiatus as her golf team successes are keeping her too busy this year.

Santiago is out in the fields every day with Troy and Alex as is an integral part of getting everything picked and ready for the market each week.

Joy, Lou, Jay, Darrin and plenty of other folks have pitched in both at the stand and at the farm to help us get everything done. We thank each and every one.

Heidi helps us get the word out about what we have going on, what’s available and promoting the Woodstock Farmers Market. She’s our marketing gal.

  • Troy Edmonds

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  • Alex Edmonds

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  • Mary Edmonds

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  • Theckla

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  • Santiago

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  • Heidi Maschmann

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